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Josh Tzuker

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What You Should Know About the Changing U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Agreement

Posted in Cybersecurity / Data Security, Information Management, Transnational Discovery
The July 2000 Safe Harbor agreement between the United States and Europe concerning cross-border data flows is one of the key regulatory structures governing how organizations can collect, store, move, and use the massive amount of personal data generated in our interconnected world. Fourteen years after its inception, the agreement is under increasing strain from… Continue Reading

EU Data Protection Rules Might Transform the Internet

Posted in Privacy, Transnational Discovery
With initial approval in the European Parliament civil liberties committee (the so-called LIBE Committee), the EU is moving ahead with overhauling its existing 15-year-old Data Protection Directive, replacing it with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The European Commission introduced the draft GDPR in January 2012 and seeks to harmonize regulations across the 28 member-states,… Continue Reading