Cybersecurity’s escalating threats, intensifying oversight, and expanding publicity in recent years exploded in 2013. It was a year bookended by President Obama’s cybersecurity warnings in his State of the Union message and the mega-breaches at Target and Neiman-Marcus. And it gave us a cyber panorama – the Cybersecurity Executive Order; industry security reports of massive cyber looting of U.S. intellectual property and technology; the Iranian cyber attacks on U.S. banks; the Snowden breach of national security secrets; the proliferation of cybersecurity standards governing everything from private- and public-sector contracts to cloud computing; and the intensified scrutiny of federal agencies (including the SEC, FTC, and HHS) on security vulnerabilities and breaches. In our recent report, “Data Law Trends & Developments: E-Discovery, Privacy, Cybersecurity & Information Governance”, on page 6, we write about recent trends and developments in cybersecurity, and how the kaleidoscope of cyber events foretells even rougher weather for both the public and private sectors.