We are pleased to announce the publication of a report titled “Data Law Trends & Developments: E-Discovery, Privacy, Cyber-Security & Information Governance.” The report explores recent trends and anticipated future developments on critical issues related to the intersection of technology and the law, which affect a wide range of companies and industries. In addition, the report highlights key cases and issues to watch in 11 areas of data law, including: information governance, cybersecurity, social media, technology-assisted review, criminal law, regulatory, cooperation, privacy, cross border transfers, bring your own device (BYOD), and privilege.

“The days of locking proprietary information in filing cabinets are long gone. Today, we grapple with virtual warehouses, locked by complex encryption and firewalls. While technological advancement continues to drive increased efficiency and innovation, it has also created new challenges, especially in the legal environment. As electronically-stored information continues to grow at an incredible pace, businesses are confronted with increasingly complex challenges and risks,” said David D. Cross, partner and co-chair of Crowell & Moring’s E-Discovery & Information Management Group.

“Our goal in developing this report is to give our clients a sense of how we see the significant legal issues in these areas evolving, which is critical as we work together to successfully navigate the complex and ever-changing world of data law. By identifying particular trends and forecasting how the law is likely to develop over time, companies can better prepare for the future,” said Jeane A. Thomas, partner and co-chair of the firm’s E-Discovery & Information Management Group.

Twelve of the firm’s attorneys contributed to the report, which is available on the Crowell & Moring website here, or at the link to the right of this screen.

A webinar focused on the key findings in this report is being held on June 24, 2014. Information and registration is posted here.

In addition, we are transitioning our E-Discovery Law Insights blog to a new name, Data Law Insights, and new domain, CrowellDataLaw.com, in order to reflect the more expansive breadth of topics the blog will continue to cover. In addition to e-discovery issues, Data Law Insights will focus on a broad spectrum of privacy, cybersecurity, data protection, and information governance issues. Our goal remains to provide fresh insights not just on where the law has gone, with new decisions, new laws, new rules, trends, and other developments, but also on where the law looks to be going and where it should go, at least in our view.

We hope you enjoy reading “Data Law Trends and Developments” and become a regular visitor to CrowellDataLaw.com. As always, we welcome your feedback.